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Stat Lines Matter

May 26, 2022

SLM is back with another amazing episode. This week, the guys discuss Colin Kaepernick’s recent workout with the Las Vegas Raiders, Jon Gruden’s legal battle with the NFL, and the NBA Conference Finals. You’re in luck! Mark and Rob are back with another Heaven or Hell segment, with some compelling candidates. Let...

May 18, 2022

The guys are back with a hilarious, special edition episode. This week, Mark and Rob are each stranded on a deserted island. Their only belongings? A computer loaded with 5 games, 5 albums, and 5 movies of their choice. Mark’s list is more traditional, while Rob takes a more… primal approach. Let us know in the...

May 11, 2022

SLM is back with a special episode. This week, the guys review their previous takes to determine what they got wrong. For example, Mark has been riding for Baker Mayfield from the beginning, but was he actually wrong about him? Rob schools Mark on the life of a locust… only on SLM. Let us know in the comments who you...

May 4, 2022

Mark E Stewart and Robert Hunter Jr.  have a spirited discussion about the NFL Draft,  The importance of not over-drafting QB's and how these NBA playoffs are already must see tv.  You don't want to miss this weeks discussion. Mark had to get in his Mitch Trubisky take, like always.