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Stat Lines Matter

Sep 5, 2019

In this episode they discuss the high school football phenom De'Coldest Crawford, Kobe Bryant's disrespect of Shaq, and Justin Bieber's gospel chops...Is Jesus big in Canada?

*Music Executives Mark E Stewart and Rob Hunter give their unique perspectives on Sports and Entertainment.*



Nov 9, 2018

21:30 Floyd Mayweather discuss MMA Fight Khabib

35:00 Creed II is coming soon, Rocky V was the worst of all the Rocky pictures

39:17 Rae Caruth has been released from jail.

46:30 Whitey Bulger gets caught up in jail, gets whacked.

50:30 Halloween Recap

recorded 11/3/18




Nov 9, 2018

Cue LeBron & The Lakers

21:35 NBA is back, and LeBron reboots Showtime

25:19 Ron Artest was sipping Hennessy at Halftime

26:54 Minnesota Timbewolves Drama

35:11 Cleveland continues in the struggle

recorded 11/3/18








Stat Lines...

Oct 11, 2018

Opening: Jason is putting it together after a long Saturday night at A3C

Connor McGregor vs Khabib discussion & back-story

16:50 Kanye West SNL &TMZ recap

26:30 Katt Williams vs Everybody - Stop the nonsense

32:22 Biggest Black Movie Stars- The Rock? Will Smith?

35:55 Wanda got what she deserved.

42:00 LeBron James'...

Oct 9, 2018

Intro: "Suburban white female voter" rant 

4:05 Urban Meyer suspension - Rob hates Urban

22:22 Michelle Beadle's reaction to Urban's decision & leaving Get Up. Mark not a fan of Beadle at all.

40:15 Women on ESPN (Jemele Hill)

46:25 Discussion about NFL's new Helmet Rule

recorded 8/25/18