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Stat Lines Matter

Oct 9, 2018

McDonalds - the breakfast cure for the hangover

3:45 Tribute to Aretha Franklin goes off the rails for a moment

6:15 Different Strokes cast is all gone except Todd Bridges

21:06 Yet another LeBron discussion. Houston GM says LeBron is better than MJ and Mark takes exception to it.

27:37 Mark wants people to stop pitting MJ and LeBron against each other in off-the-court contributions to society and the black community. Things get heated!!

41:02 Hilarious suggestions on how we should give back to the community.

42:15 D. Wade gets money in China, along with Marbury and others

49:13 Blake Griffin's child support issues are simply baffling

1:02:22 MJ passes out fried fish and Fanta 

recorded 8/18/18