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Stat Lines Matter

Dec 14, 2021

Mark E Stewart and Rob Hunter are back with a new episode of Stat Lines Matter. In their unique way, the music executives discuss the cross section of Sports, Entertainment and Pop Culture.

In today’s live show, the guys bring on a special guest and fellow music executive, Mr. Tab Nkhereanye, to recap this week’s NFL Sunday. It’s official y’all.. we checked the papers and it turns out Aaron Rodgers does actually own the Chicago Bears, what a shame. The guys discuss the San Francisco vs. Cincinnati game, Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys, Tampa Bay vs. Buffalo, Big Ben’s future in the NFL, and the implications of top high school talent committing to HBCUs. Let us know in the comments who you’ve got for tonight’s MNF matchup, the Arizona Cardinals or the Los Angeles Rams?