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Stat Lines Matter

Dec 23, 2021

Mark E Stewart and Rob Hunter are back with a new episode of Stat Lines Matter. In their unique way, the music executives discuss the cross section of Sports, Entertainment and Pop Culture.

Man, oh man. You’re in for a treat as you’ll get to meet the most special guests in all of Stat Lines Matter history: The Wives! In today’s show, you’ll get a chance to see the brilliant women behind your favorite sports and entertainment podcast hosts and hopefully understand them a little more. Mark and Judi discuss some of Mark’s very unique quirks, Rob and Marie try to remember how long they’ve been together, and they all reflect on the questionable decisions the guys have made, all in the name of sports. We’re also introducing “Real Player or Not?” where the wives try to determine whether names are real or fake. We’d like to wish everybody a very happy, special and warm holiday. Let us know in the comments what the craziest sports name you’ve ever heard is!