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Stat Lines Matter

Feb 25, 2022

SLM is back with a rollercoaster of an episode! This week, the guys begin by bringing it way back to the Budweiser Superfest, which raises some important questions about Rob’s childhood: Why was he always way too young to be doing whatever he was doing? The guys also debate whether Michigan head coach Juwan Howard really slapped a Wisconsin assistant coach and if his suspension was fair. Of course there is some NBA talk, including a recap on the NBA All-Star Weekend, LeBron’s fate with the Lakers and the possibility of him teaming up with his son, Bronny James. Mark and Rob end with a discussion around Brian Flores’ new job with the Steelers: Senior Defensive Assistant/Linebackers Coach.. what a title. Let us know in the comments what you think about LeBron’s future in the NBA and what his next steps will be.