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Stat Lines Matter

Oct 11, 2018

Opening: Jason is putting it together after a long Saturday night at A3C

Connor McGregor vs Khabib discussion & back-story

16:50 Kanye West SNL &TMZ recap

26:30 Katt Williams vs Everybody - Stop the nonsense

32:22 Biggest Black Movie Stars- The Rock? Will Smith?

35:55 Wanda got what she deserved.

42:00 LeBron James' home targeted in home robbery ring

45:05 Victor Maitland's amazing home security in Beverly Hills Cop 

48:13 Celebs get lax with security. Do white people tend to keep doors unlocked?

50:18 Heaven or Hell? A ridiculous game predicting the fate of people, real and fictional. 

1:00:55 The Black Delegation would like to trade Dak Prescott for Chris Cuomo, but how will Chris' relatives feel about that??

recorded 10/7/18


Stat Lines Matter

Mark E Stewart

Jason Weaver

Rob Hunter



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Stat Lines Matter