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Stat Lines Matter

Nov 9, 2018

21:30 Floyd Mayweather discuss MMA Fight Khabib

35:00 Creed II is coming soon, Rocky V was the worst of all the Rocky pictures

39:17 Rae Caruth has been released from jail.

46:30 Whitey Bulger gets caught up in jail, gets whacked.

50:30 Halloween Recap

recorded 11/3/18




Nov 9, 2018

Cue LeBron & The Lakers

21:35 NBA is back, and LeBron reboots Showtime

25:19 Ron Artest was sipping Hennessy at Halftime

26:54 Minnesota Timbewolves Drama

35:11 Cleveland continues in the struggle

recorded 11/3/18








Stat Lines...

Oct 11, 2018

Opening: Jason is putting it together after a long Saturday night at A3C

Connor McGregor vs Khabib discussion & back-story

16:50 Kanye West SNL &TMZ recap

26:30 Katt Williams vs Everybody - Stop the nonsense

32:22 Biggest Black Movie Stars- The Rock? Will Smith?

35:55 Wanda got what she deserved.

42:00 LeBron James'...

Oct 9, 2018

Intro: "Suburban white female voter" rant 

4:05 Urban Meyer suspension - Rob hates Urban

22:22 Michelle Beadle's reaction to Urban's decision & leaving Get Up. Mark not a fan of Beadle at all.

40:15 Women on ESPN (Jemele Hill)

46:25 Discussion about NFL's new Helmet Rule

recorded 8/25/18



Oct 9, 2018

McDonalds - the breakfast cure for the hangover

3:45 Tribute to Aretha Franklin goes off the rails for a moment

6:15 Different Strokes cast is all gone except Todd Bridges

21:06 Yet another LeBron discussion. Houston GM says LeBron is better than MJ and Mark takes exception to it.

27:37 Mark wants people to stop pitting...